Inherited thrombophilias and pre-eclampsia in Brazilian women.


The aim of the present study was to compare the distribution of G1691A, G20210A and C677T mutations in pre-eclamptic Brazilian women and in matched control women with an uncomplicated normal pregnancy.


these mutations were investigated by PCR-RFLP in 83 normal pregnancies (control group) and in 30 pre-eclamptic pregnant women (severe form).


G1691A mutation was detected neither in the control group nor in pre-eclamsia women. G20210A mutation was detected in heterozygosis in 3 (3.61%) control subjects, but not in pre-eclampsia group. C677T mutation was detected in homozygosis in 6 (7.23%) control subjects and 2 (6.67%) pre-eclamptic women and in heterozygosis in 31 (37.3%) control subjects and 12 (40%) pre-eclamptic women. Differences in the mutation frequencies detected in the two groups were not statistically significant.


No correlation was observed between pre-eclampsia and presence of G1691A, G20210A and C677T mutations in Brazilian women.